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eBay 100% Off [codebreaker] : Prizes worth Thousands to be won

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This offer has expired.
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eBay on its 10th anniversary giving prizes worth thousands on its website free of charge the prizes could be won by cracking codes on its website and redeeming the prizes this offer would be live only for limited time grab them all

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Clues Cracked and Hints More will be Added Soon


Clue #1

” 10 ” looks like ans is 2 as 1 and 0 represent binary and consists of only 2 numbers

Source:Times of India paper for e paper click here 


Sachin Tendulkar scored 100 century in international cricket the ans is one as no other than Sachin had completed 100 centuries in international cricket

Source : youtube watch video

Clue #4:All is Well

This jingle is from movie “3 idiots” so ans is 3

Clue #10:One ring to rule them all, but how many for mortal men doomed to die (thanks to Aakash)

ans is 9 according to posts but until now i had not understand how

source: https://twitter.com/TheTanmay

Clue #7:Seven Dwarfts for clue refer image

Number 7 is clear from this one

Source: Billboard at Haji Ali Mumbai

Clue #8 music strums from the strings of your heart how many of them does Ukulele carry

Ans is 4 

This is all what i found through sources

Steps to Redeem this offer

  • links  to go offer page         Link1    Link2
  • Pick the items you want to won
  • Log in with your Facebook and start playing
  • Enter 9 digit code there would be clues for it crack the code
  • If you crack the code right then you will find an 100% coupon code free for that product in your mail within a week

Offer Details :

  • “Unique User” means a User with a unique eBay Website user ID
  • A “Passion Product” as mentioned, implies a tagged product on the Unwrap Your Passions landing page only
  • A “Passion Box” as mentioned, implies a cart meant only for the “Passion Products” on the Unwrap Your Passions landing page.


How to Participate:

  • For participation Users has to browse a list of 1000 “Passion Products” on _________ page of www.ebay.in (“eBay Website”), and has to select and add only one of them to their “Passion Box”
  • After adding the “Passion Product” to their “Passion Box”, User has to crack a unique 9 digit numeric code after adding product in their “passion box” in order to win that product.
  • First user crcking the code will get that product for free of cost
  • A User will be eligible to win only one “Passion Product” from the list of products shown on the Promotion landing page , if a Unique User has already been declared as a winner under the Offer, then he/she shall not be considered as a winner henceforth in this Offer.
  • Once User has cracked the code, he will be intimated on how to avail their “Passion Product” via an email on their email address registered with eBay.
  • eBay shall reserve the right to make the final decision of choosing a winner basis their speed of cracking a particular Passion Product
  • The winners of the “Passion Products” will be given 100% Off Coupon code via email within a week of the promotion, i.e. by 23rd March 2015, which they can use only to claim their “Passion Product” for free of cost.

 if someone find any of clues post them help others to find it too

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49 Responses to "eBay 100% Off [codebreaker] : Prizes worth Thousands to be won"

  • Anil says:

    admin where it is written that it will be live again ??

  • Anil says:

    i won a jbl wireless headset ..and submitted my info.
    but i got no mail or anything for confirmation.
    confused …

    • danish says:

      you will get confirmation within 7 days as said by eBay so wait till 23 march

  • admin says:

    offer will live again same time 6-7 pm

    • Anil says:

      where is it mentioned ???

  • bunty says:

    does anyone know clue to fill the remaining 4 no.s

    • admin says:

      use AHK script for that.If you need it give me your email id

      • Gaurav says:

        Nagpal. Gaurav @gmail.com

  • LIJU PHILIP says:

    Wats the ans for
    you wiill like our next clue

    • bunty says:


  • akash says:

    I ve searched for tanmay for 10th in twitter and he is 5 times twitter champion so I think 10th position is 5

    • danish says:

      he had given the clue for that it had nothing to take with tanmay

      • danish says:

        One ring to rule them all, but how many for mortal men doomed to die

        • Rav says:

          It’s 9, I’ve googled it

  • vikram says:

    the clue is #ohnoes which sounds like ‘ WHO KNOWS ‘ clearly EBAY knows d answer.So the remaining 4 digits may be somewhat related to E B A Y

    • sneha says:

      ya ,,,, u might be right ,,,

  • akash says:

    HI I ve tried all the possible combination but didn’t got the thing I think one mistake is there in the clue
    if anyone knows let us know

    • danish says:

      if you think so all of the clues i had included in my post you can recheck them if you find something different please tell me

  • ariala says:

    anyone got code for push up bars?

  • ariala says:

    so many items are already unlocked 🙁 . I still havent found the code.

  • hello says:

    Remaining 3 digits are unique for each product
    so try all possible combinations

    E bay said no more clues

  • hello says:

    After ALL Clues

    • ara says:

      How did you get the 0 ? (in 6th place)

    • ara says:

      the 10 digit number is not unique.

  • pratik says:

    Now its like

  • rohit says:

    Sir please give other clues as well if u found

    • danish says:

      other digits would be unique for each place so there is no other way other than find those on your own

  • ariala says:

    what is clue 8 please?.. and what to do other numbers?

    • danish says:

      other nos are those clues which had been cracked they would place in accordance with their clue# thats what i had concluded

      • pratik says:

        What are they?

        • danish says:

          see the post the nos are 2 1 3 7 9 and 4

          • pratik says:

            what are other four no.’s Danish

      • rahul yadav says:

        whats the full code please tell

        • danish says:

          clues are only for six places other you will have find on your own

      • dibakar says:

        are the codes related to the product?

    • pritham says:


      ans is 4

      please tell the remaining numbers

      • danish says:

        2 1 3 7 9

  • aakash says:

    Clue 10 is One ring to rule them all, but how many for mortal men doomed to die
    Tanmay just tweeted

    ans is 9

    • danish says:

      thanks i will update it

    • pratik says:

      do you got all six clue

  • admin says:

    test comment

    • pk says:

      hello sir freecharge ki trick chal rhi hai kya app download wali

      • admin says:


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